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Vote Bike: Liverpool City Region

On 4 May, the Liverpool City Region will go to the polls to elect a new ‘Metro Mayor’. Cycling UK and the Merseyside Cycling Campaign are calling on all candidates to support a set of three asks.

Cycling UK and the Merseyside Cycling Campaign are asking all candidates if (yes or no) they will support the following asks.

Plan a strategic Liverpool City Region-wide network of safe cycle route

To significantly boost cycle use in the Liverpool City Region, the mayor should produce a costed plan for a high quality strategic and integrated network of safe cycle routes that is safe and practical for use by people of all ages

Seek the funding to build the network

Create a dedicated budget for cycling and actively seek enough funding to implement your costed plan

Work towards a highway system with zero fatalities or serious injuries in road traffic

Work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to crack down on dangerous driving and parking

You can see responses – and take action to quiz them yourselves – by visiting

This article is taken from one originally produced by Cycling UK.

Written by Gather

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