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Transforming inactivity to activity – can you help? freedom-307791_960_720 Full view

Transforming inactivity to activity – can you help?

Merseyside Sports Partnership (MSP) is currently recruiting independent advisors for children and young people (sport and physical activity) to join the MSP Board Thematic Group. The organisation is a not-for-profit which partners with a range of organisations to increase participation in sport and physical activity across Merseyside.

This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your career, grow your network, make a valuable contribution with through professional development or through new-found free time, or put something back into the community here on Merseyside.

Successful applicants will play a key role in transforming inactivity to activity in the region and can expect to be involved in contributing to strategy, championing the added value of MSP, plus raising the profile of the organisation.

MSP is consciously looking to appoint a diverse group and are keen to hear from applicants across the full spectrum of the business community, local government and the voluntary sector.

Whilst you’ll need to demonstrate a passion for sport and physical activity this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be from a pure sports background. You may be from the world of business or performance improvement, have marketing and communications experience, be a health policy maker, or be involved in innovation or strategy.”

Information is available at: or contact

Please send your completed applications via email with the subject line ‘FAO Calum Donnelly – CYP
Strategic Group application to .
Closing date: Friday 14th July 2017 at 5pm

This is a non-salaried and voluntary position.

For more information on the Merseyside Sports Partnership, including how you can get involved in the Workplace Challenge visit their webpage

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