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Time for a change – How can the Circular Economy support your Business? waves-circles-285359_960_720 Full view

Time for a change – How can the Circular Economy support your Business?

As our global economy continues to grow, the challenges of meeting the increasing demand for products and services is unparalleled. The Chamber’s Green Lunch in September (sponsored by Merseyside Environmental Network) explored some of the issues in more detail with presentations from Carl Beer, Chief Executive of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, and Helen White, Operations Manager for Bulky Bobs.

14 million tonnes of resources and products enter the Liverpool City Region each year and despite the efforts made to manage these resources – at least 4 million tonnes are still sent to landfill. To make a real change, a new business model is needed which can support the City Region to be economically competitive and sustainable in a global market, create jobs and new skills, protect businesses from resource scarcity and contribute to improved social and community values.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) is advocating a Circular Economy approach, and is calling on partners to join the drive to value our resources and eliminate waste through better design of products and systems.

Examples include extending the life and durability of products and increasing waste prevention, developing initiatives including producer responsibility ‘take back’ schemes, upgrading rather than replacing products, reducing packaging further, providing more refillable goods to consumers and creating models for leasing products and repairing items. If we want to stop being a throwaway society, we also need to change consumer attitudes so that waste is seen as a resource.

MRWA is currently developing a new Circular Economy Network Group and a new online Resource Hub for the City Region. If you want to learn more about the value of a Circular Economy to your business and community then MRWA want to hear from you. Please contact Tony Scott at MRWA Tel: 0151 255 2567.



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