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The right start to the day! 1.jacks_first_day_at_school_sep_2017 Full view

The right start to the day!

Can the school run really be fun?

Cycling UK Vice President Josie Dew explains how for the last seven years she’s cycled it, escaping the gridlock with a series of trailers and tag-alongs for her growing brood. Through snow and ice with rosy cheeks to summer mornings watching sheep, the experience has been enriching, money-saving and, above all, enjoyable! Josie is calling for other parents to ditch their cars and join her – and after reading her blog, you’ll want to give it a go.

One drawback of the regular bike is the lack of luggage space – not so with a cargobike. You can even get one with electric assist, so heavy loads needn’t be a chore. From ferrying little friends to being the centrepiece of a thriving business, there will be a cargobike to suit you.

If you feeling tempted by a cargobike, look no further to Cycling UK’s complete to these versatile vehicles.

This article first appeared in Cycling UK’s newsletter

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