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The Environmentalists – UK’s first carbon neutral play. ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Full view

The Environmentalists – UK’s first carbon neutral play.

Our Young Everyman Playhouse actors have been busily rehearsing this week for their new devised show The Environmentalists, look which is going to be the UK’s first carbon neutral play.

All staging, shop props and costumes used in The Environmentalists will be recycled from previous productions, recipe while LED lighting will be used in place of standard theatre lights in an attempt to minimise carbon dioxide emissions. We are also organising ‘walking busses’ – groups of people walking to the theatre together- for our audiences, which will further reduce the carbon impact of the play.

YEP are staging the show to inspire us all to look at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, and act together to make a change.

We want to ask those closest to us, to join with us and pledge to make some simple carbon swops during the week of the show- Wednesday 2 – Saturday 5 March 2016.

If you would like to get involved with a pledge to help us save carbon by walking to work, re-using plastic bags, or by going vegetarian for the week please let me know.

Each little change we can make will help YEP get closer to their target to make the show completely carbon neutral. Your pledges will also be featured on our website, social media channels and circulated on a press release which will be sent to our media contacts w/c 22 February.

The table below shows how even the simplest of swops such as re-using plastic bags will save 228g of carbon.


Pledges Carbon saved
Walk/Cycle to work 304g per mile
Public Transport 3g per mile
Beef 485g per piece of beef not eaten
Chocolate 512g per 1kg of chocolate not eaten

673g per 1kg dark chocolate not eaten

Can of Coca Cola 170g per can you don’t drink

500g per 2 litre bottle

Turn off lightbulbs at night 76g every 2 hours
Turn laptop off at night 380g every 12 hours
Reuse plastic bags 228g per plastic bag not bought

Written by Gather

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