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Social Entrepreneurs wanted in Liverpool

Britain’s award winning network of wood recycling social enterprises, Community Wood Recycling, is looking for its newest member in Liverpool.  This is an opportunity to run a green social enterprise that makes a real difference in the local community using a business model that’s already working in 29 towns and cities across the country.   Each community wood recycling enterprise collects commercial wood waste in the local area, sorts it to find the wood that’s reusable and sells the reclaimed timber back to the public (some of it made into beautiful furniture), saving it from being landfilled or chipped.  At the same time enterprises provide opportunities for people excluded from the workforce to volunteer and develop new skills through structured training, and create green jobs.

Community Wood Recycling entrepreneurs are drawn from all walks of life.  No previous experience is needed because they have the backing of a national organisation behind them, providing a complete package of support.  Setup costs are low and ongoing support is always available.

Find out more about setting up a community wood recycling enterprise by going to or call on 01273 203040.

Written by Gather

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