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Sewing the Seeds Building a viable local economy Full view

Sewing the Seeds


For the past few years, Liverpool Green Partnership have been arguing that the key to Liverpool’s future economic and social well being lay in creating a city based on sustainable development that enables the city to play its role in addressing climate change, creates a high quality environment that improves health and well being, and which encourages investment, entrepreneurship and local initiatives.

These were some of our key points to the Mayoral Commission on Environmental Sustainability. The Commission itself was established with the support that the former Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, gave to the Liverpool Green Partnership’s arguments that the City and City Region should adopt different approaches to future economic development. Our key points were based on our comprehensive City environmental audit, as well as evidence from some of Europe’s most sustainable cities and from the feedback from our programme of events.

We await the outcomes of the Commissions work, but the need for action on climate change becomes more pressing. However, it is also becoming increasingly clear that meeting this challenge can be one of the most effective ways of creating job opportunities and increasing local and economic well being. New models of how this might be achieved are emerging, and at the same time there are many local initiatives proving that Liverpool businesses and social enterprises are rising to the challenge.

Join us at our next meeting to hear how proposals from Manchester Metropolitan University suggest ways to create a viable local economy, and from local Liverpool enterprises already proving how different approaches can be highly successful.

What lessons can Cities and City Regions take from such new approaches and successes, and what role do they have in creating the conditions for new local businesses to emerge and thrive?

The Manchester report can be found at:


The conference will be Chaired by Councillor Rosie Jolly, Mayoral Lead for Social and Community Enterprise

The viable economy – Mark Burton, Manchester Metropolitan University

Inspirations – local enterprises already walking the walk
– Independent Liverpool
– Baltic Creative
– Royal standard arts enterprises
– What do city regions make of this – Mike Reardon: Firstmover Consulting Limited and Visiting Fellow, Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice, University of Liverpool

Panel – How do we create a local viable economy for all. Including:-

  • Clr Nick Small – Liverpool City Council Cabinet member for Employment, Enterprise & Skills
  • Mayoral Fairness Commission

Venue The Concert Room, Liverpool Cathedral
Please book a place by contacting:-

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