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Sefton Coast Plan: Our coast is special! Coast_Plan_image Full view

Sefton Coast Plan: Our coast is special!

The Sefton Coast is a source of inspiration for an active, inquiring and fun-loving population. The coast makes a huge contribution to the unique character of the borough – exciting and full of surprises, always changing as the winds and tides constantly influence the shape of the coast. Because this is such a special place the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership has developed a draft Plan setting out how we can make the most of the Sefton Coast.

We would like your views on this; both on how you use and value the coast, what you would like to see improved and on the Plan itself.

The Plan is supported by a set of topic papers that provide background  information. We understand that not everyone will have time to go through these so we have also provided a summary. You can access all these documents at

The consultation will end on the 13th of April.

Written by Gather

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