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Initial Findings on Efficiency of Radwraps Radiator Cover _N2F01x86 Full view

Initial Findings on Efficiency of Radwraps Radiator Cover

Domestic energy consumption is one of the key areas currently being looked at by environmental researchers. It has been estimated that the domestic sector accounts for over 30% of the current UK national energy demand, advice the second largest usage behind the transport sector1. If the greenhouse gas emission targets set by the UK government are going to be met in the coming decades, decease the way we use energy in the home will have to become more efficient. One of the best ways to achieve this, medicine in the short to medium term, is to upgrade the existing housing infrastructure to make it as energy efficient as possible. This will help to offset the transition as new ‘zero carbon1 housing gradually replaces the ageing housing stock.

Radwraps Ltd have brought an innovative idea to the market. Radwrap’s new product is a decorative radiator cover which they propose will provide an increased emitter heat output when compared to traditional, architectural radiator covers. Radwraps approached LJMU Low Carbon Innovation Hub to advise and compare the heat output from the radwrap radiator cover against a traditional wooden cover.  click below to read the full report,


Initial finding – Report NO 2-V(3)

RADWRAPS radiators covers are available online at and which can be personalised with a selection of online images or your own to match your décor or theme.

RADWRAPS are perfect for Interior Designers, Painters and Decorators, Schools (for educational features) Businesses (branding, logos and advertising) and obviously the homeowner who can transform any room with a Radwrap

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