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Franklin Energy – Leading the electric revolution Franklin Energy – Leading the electric revolution Full view

Franklin Energy – Leading the electric revolution

What we do?

We are a supplier, remedy installer and operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, cheap offering home charging, commercial charging and rapid charging solutions with back office support.


With a forever increasing dependency on overseas energy and oil, we want to see the UK become an energy independent country, through developing a highly effective smart grid and rapid Electric Vehicle EV recharging network, powering through renewable energy sources. We want to create renewable energy charging centres powered by solar and wind power, whereby in the future electric vehicle drivers will be able to fully recharge their vehicles in just 20 minutes. This will help decarbonise the production and consumption of both road transport and electricity. Think of it as a modern day petrol station, without the oil.

Electric Taxi Pilot Scheme

Electric Taxi Pilot Scheme

The new plug in London Metro Cab, capable of running for 50 miles on electric battery, returning an equivalent 98+MPG.  This will be featured during our e-taxi showcase day.

Working with Mersey Travel

We are currently putting a bid together in partnership with Mersey Travel for the provision of an electric taxi pilot scheme in Liverpool. As Liverpool has over 9000 taxis, powering them through electricity has great economic and environmental advantages. Studies have shown that drivers can save up to £40 a day on fuel costs through converting to electric, as typical running costs work out around 2p per mile. Running on electricity produces zero emissions from the exhaust pipe, significantly helping to reduce pollution on the streets of Liverpool.

To make the rollout of the scheme successful, it’s imperative we develop a rapid charging network and monitor the feasibility of running a pure electric taxi as oppose to the conventional vehicle. The rapid charging points are capable of recharging a vehicles battery in just 20 minutes.

Franklin Energy are looking to operate the network of rapid chargers and develop a back office, whereby we can fix and technical glitches in the charging points remotely. Furthermore we will develop an app that allows drivers to pre book rapid charging, locate the nearest charging point, and pay for the charge using open charge point protocol through their phones.

We are organising an e-taxi showcase day in November at the Princess Dock to gain interest, educate the taxi drivers and strengthen our bid to the office for low emission vehicles (OLEV).

For more information visit
or call Rob Byrne on 0151 931 3007

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