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  • Explore The Mersey Forest with over 140 guided walks
Explore The Mersey Forest with over 140 guided walks Forest Full view

Explore The Mersey Forest with over 140 guided walks

Take part in Walk in the Woods Month

Spring has arrived, trees have burst into leaf and blossom and it’s time to get out and enjoy Walk in the Woods month.

This year we’ve compiled over 140 local guided walks into our online guide. They take place in local parks, woodlands and green spaces all during May and range from short strolls to more challenging treks. Some are part of our Nature4Health programme and others arranged by partner organisations.

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Why walking in the woods is nature’s best medicine

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, found that regular brisk walking reduced the risk of heart disease by 9.3%.

An Essex University research team found that walking in green spaces reduces stress levels, improves mood, enhances psychological wellbeing and improves attention and concentration.

And the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo found that walking in the forest boosted the immune system, potentially helping to fight cancer!

Read Why Walking is Good for You and Seven Amazing Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods

Get involved with Nature4Health

Nature4Health is a three year programme that uses the power of nature to boost your wellbeing. Funded by The Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities Programme, it’s about providing health-promoting, enjoyable group activities in a green, therapeutic environment.

Activities on offer include woodland walks, therapeutic gardening and practical conservation sessions to get the heart pumping, as well as the meditation technique of mindfulness in a natural setting. Sessions are targeted at both adults and children and designed to be welcoming to complete beginners.

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Help us to plant more trees

Every year we aim to get ‘more from trees’ to help make Merseyside and North Cheshire one of the best places in the country to live. With your help, we can get there sooner.

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