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Do you have what it takes to be a Climate Organiser? Do you have what it takes to be a Climate Organiser? Full view

Do you have what it takes to be a Climate Organiser?

Friends of the Earth are offering a supportive training programme programme for those with some campaigning experience interested in the idea of a Liverpool Climate Hub that will build upon the work already achieved by local groups and communities. 

The Climate Organisers programme details can be found on the FOE website  – Do you have what it takes to be a Climate Organiser? 

To find out a little more about our plans to grow a massive climate movement you can check out the international climate pages on the FOE website, and also we’ve got a page of key dates. Some of them have passed, but most of them are still relevant.

This year has tons of opportunities for mobilising locally and nationally so let’s use to build and even stronger, bigger and more diverse climate movement in Liverpool. We could do that in lots of ways, and ultimately it’s up to you – the people of Liverpool – what you want to do. But we’ve got some suggestions:

  • Recruit some Climate Organisers to get trained up in key organising skills and support climate action
  • Hold a ‘Let’s talk about Climate Change’ skill share and action day. We learn to talk to people about climate change in a way that engages and leads to action, and then we give it a go! We take to the streets and talk to people about climate change, signing them up to the movement.
  • Organise & mobilise for some key actions over the next year, primarily:
  • June 17th – Mass Climate Lobby of Parliament
  • Decentralised action in the autumn – Reclaim Power
  • Go to Paris! UNFCC climate talks
  • People’s Demands assembly(ies) early 2016
  • Recruit people to our movement! New people who might not traditionally come into contact with climate campaigners. Let’s come into 2016 with a broad movement. Massive outreach, talks, public art, stalls, everything!

If interested please send an email to Laura by Sunday 19th April 

View the flyer here

Laura McFarlane-Shopes
Community Activism Coordinator

Written by Gather

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