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Cycling UK Community Cycle Club Programme

The Cycling UK Community Cycle Club Programme consults with established community groups to determine how cycling can play a role in their current activities and creates a cost-effective and sustainable network of Community Cycle Clubs across a region.

Our approach ensures that local leaders, community volunteers or paid officers are trained to deliver a broad range of cycling activities (Learn to Ride (Lose the Stabilizers), Guided Rides, Cycle Maintenance and Puncture Repair Workshops, Dr Bike and more).

Cycling UK Development Officers adopt a personal and community centred approach. They work with groups to create an activity plan to increase cycling, which matches the needs and interests of the group while addressing any barriers they may have towards cycling on a regular basis. Community clubs are used as a platform to engage new and returning cyclists to get out there and enjoy the freedom of cycling.

Cycling UK provide the club with support to increase their delivery skills and capacity to enable the group to start and continue to incorporate cycling as a regular activity.

Community Cycle Club members are supported to increase their cycling activities to deliver social, health or economic benefits across the community.

Find out more about Cycling UK Community Cycle Clubs: or contact your local Cycling Development Officer for Liverpool City Region.  Email:  Tel:  07467336843

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