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Braving the Cold in Southport! Kelly2 Full view

Braving the Cold in Southport!

Staff in Liverpool & Sefton Chamber let their inner photographer loose as part of a competition to encourage staff to get out and about this February! The brief was simple – to take a photo whilst on a walk or cycle ride at work or at the weekend which was fun, original or creative!

Colleagues voted for their favourite image from the 31 entries submitted and the unanimous winner was “Braving the Cold in Southport”.

The competition was one of the ways in which the Chamber is trying to encourage and support staff to walk and cycle more frequently whether on the journey to work, travelling to local meetings or simply getting out with the family at the weekend.

There is a strong business case for investing in the health of staff. Recent research concluded that the average total cost to business for each absent employee is £975. Evidence suggests that physically active staff are less likely to suffer from major health problems, less likely to take sickness leave and less likely to have an accident at work so investing in the wellbeing of employees is not only the right thing to do, it has real business benefits.

A simple way in which employers can start to address this is through supporting staff to cycle and walk more frequently. Around 2.25m UK employees are regular cyclists but do not cycle to work. By encouraging just one third of these cyclists to commute by bike, employers have the potential to save around one million lost days of sickness absence each year. Employees also benefit, saving money, substantially reducing the risk of heart disease or obesity and generally improving their quality of life.

For more information on how the Chamber can support you more generally to develop your sustainable business strategy, please contact Michelle Cameron, Sustainable Business Advisor



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