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Big energy bills

Jerry Spencer from Good Neighbour Community energy makes the case for united action in looking for cheaper energy suppliers.

The answer to big energy bills?


Sometimes we feel helpless in the face of price rises.  After all, the energy companies are all in it together.  When one puts up prices, they all do.

 So what’s the difference?

The solution – as we keep getting told – is to switch energy supplier and keep switching

But who can be bothered?  And it’s so complicated isn’t it?

Well, no.  But there’s an even easier way.  Join Merseyside Collective Switch – a scheme run by a charity to switch us all together.  They get people to sign up and use the purchasing power of all of us to negotiate lower energy bills for everyone!  S

Signing up takes about five minutes on the website and you could make big savings.

Don’t believe us?  Take their word for it:

“I was reluctant to switch because I thought it would be time consuming. It was very smooth and easy and I saved £15 per month on my monthly payments. Well worth the little amount of time it took.”  Mrs P Adlen, Bebington 

“It was easy to join, and I saved £248. I would recommend it to others.” Mrs Leonard, Runcorn

“A few minutes time, a straightforward process and a large saving. Why wouldn’t you do it?”  Mr Allan Brame, Oxton, Wirral

Merseyside Collective Switch has so far helped local people save £424,000 a year on their energy bills – an average of £212 each.  If you’ve never switched or it’s been a few years, you could save even more.  So go on, join the big switch today.

Written by Gather

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