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Artist bound for Brazil Artist bound for Brazil Full view

Artist bound for Brazil

A local artist and environmental campaigner is bound for Brazil to exhibit her cutting edge work at an international gathering of recycling and waste experts Robyn Woolston tells Gather about her unusual work and why she finds inspiration in what others throw away.

“Waste, ambulance rubbish, detritus, rejected matter and the parts of life that contemporary society finds difficult to focus upon. From a concentration camp to a National Trust property in Cumbria, my artwork is site-responsive and installation based. I work with waste products and emotions; the physical detritus that the industrialised society, banking and brands for example, would rather reject.”

“Sometimes ‘waste’ comes in the form of a vulnerable emotion, like grief and at other times it’s literal, like plastic. My drivers are ecological and my perspective is culturally ‘situated’ so I’m always trying to understand the push-and-pull between the two. To ‘renegotiate’ the boundaries between what a brand sells me and what the earth teaches me.”

Robyn took her Fine Art degree with Wirral Met College through John Moores University and stayed for the Capital of Culture in 2008. From then on she became an increasingly recognised and respected arts practitioner in Merseyside who has successful shows and commissions across the UK and Europe.

“It’s within this context that I’ve received an offer to speak at the International Solid Waste Association’s world congress in Sao Paulo from 8th – 11th September. I’ve also been invited to exhibit the documentation of over 16 years worth of Fine Art, socially engaged practice and environmental research at the intersection between where people meet materials, and their impact upon the planet.”

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